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    What's A "Value Magnet Website"...?

    Why do you need a "VMW" rather than an Ordinary Website?

    1. Ordinary website are in a sense, static while Value Magnet Websites are handcrafted to bring and convert visitors into sales on autopilot.
    2. Value Magnet Websites work on the principles of Value Marketing, which we at “Quadregal” founded and tested successfully for the last 10 years.
    3. An ordinary website actually don’t do anything. It is just a digital version of your business card.
    4. Ordinary websites are confusing. Visitors don’t know what they need to do when they visit your website. Whereas a VMW, direct the visitor to your one product or service, they need most to help solve their problem.

    A radical change in internet is happening with Web 3.0 now in 2022. 
    And your customers are also updated with the changes and they need to be addressed in a new way.
    They need to be treated in a way focusing 2022 and beyond,
    and not in a way they were treated during 2005″

    VMW Gives You The Tools And Strategies
    You Need In One Convenient Spot!

    Yes, VMW Gives You The Tools And Strategies
    You Need To Market, Sell, AND Deliver Your Products/Services Online.

    • Simple drag and drop web page editor, just like you using Microsoft Word.
      No need to touch a single piece of code.
    • Quickly build Sales Funnels that convert. 
    • No need to hire expensive SEO agencies. The VMW automatically optimizes for search engines and rank automatically on Google & Bing. 
    • Generate Leads on auto-pilot and grow your business the way you dreamed.

    What comes along with "VMW"
    to win the digital space for your Business?

    1. Free .com/.in domain name for life time
    2. Free hosting for life time
    3. Free lifetime SSL certificate for your security
    4. Unlimited pages option
    5. Unlimited updates
    6. Unlimited keyword optimization for lifetime
    7. Free Auto SEO
    8. Free Professional Business mail id
    9. Free lead capture sales funnel
    10. Free live chat widget or direct to WhatsApp chat 
    11. Free Mobile application for chat (Apple and Android)
    12. Multilingual web pages – convert your website into any language on earth. 
    13. Free Android app for your website.
    14. Free Lifetime tech support. 
    15. Free Marketing Consultation
    16. Value Magnet Strategy Revealing with a Dedicated Value Magnet Manager
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